Relocation Services

Ray & Poynor’s Business Development Division offers a wide array of services to help guide you home. We serve large and small employers from all over the country as well as individuals and families relocating into and out of the Birmingham area. Whether it is a corporate or individual move for work, family, or otherwise, our relocation team and relocation-trained realtors provide personalized attention and care throughout the moving process. We have the expertise to help you navigate our ever-changing and fast-paced market.

Buying/Destination Services

There are many wonderful neighborhoods and communities in the Greater Birmingham area, and finding the right one can be a challenge. We are distinctly qualified to help you with:

  • Area overview tours

  • Local school information and tours

  • Temporary housing assistance

  • Customized relocation information

  • Customized realtor selection

  • Additional relocation resources upon request, including lending, mortgage, insurance, title services, movers, storage and concierge service

Selling/Departure Services

When it’s time to list, our experienced professionals can sell your home quickly and profitably. Our services include:

  • Market analysis

  • Needs-assessment interview

  • An assigned realtor, matched to your specific needs, time frame and location

  • Home marketing assistance (listing your local property)

  • Contract negotiations

  • Closing process assistance

  • Assistance in researching and securing experienced realtor in destination city

For more information, call Lacey Alford at 205.937.5223 ([email protected]).