What’s to love about living over the mountain? Community, accessibility + more…

Posted on July 11, 2023

If you’ve been in Birmingham long enough, you’ve heard the term “over the mountain.” This refers to the communities south of Red Mountain, including Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Homewood and Hoover, among others. We talked with local realtors at Ray & Poynor to learn more about why people are moving to these suburbs and what makes them so special.

So, why are people moving over the mountain?

Realtor Mary Evans dove in to what originally made living over the mountain take off, as well as what keeps people moving (and staying) there today.

“I think people are wanting to move over the mountain for the same reasons people moved here originally. Mr. Jemison had a vision in the late 1920’s for a residential community full of villages with parks, trees and an overall natural setting. People were living in areas closer to downtown and wanting a neighborhood that had everything they needed like churches, schools, grocery stores and restaurants.

It really took off in the 1940’s, when the men were coming back from war and wanted to settle down with their families. Now, I see people moving to these neighborhoods for the same reasons.”

Mary Evans, Ray & Poynor

Benefits to living in these communities

There’s a whole lot to love about Birmingham’s charming suburbs. As over the mountain residents themselves, Ray + Poynor’s realtors offered first-hand accounts of why these communities stand out.

“For me, it’s about the friendships, walkability, highly-rated school systems, restaurants and more. I love that my kids are able to ride their bikes to school, walking to dinner in the evenings on long summer days, and exercising at Mpower in Mountain Brook Village.”

Erin Rutledge, Ray & Poynor

For all three realtors, the environment and atmosphere of these communities is what takes the cake.

“The atmosphere to raise a family, shop, dine and play is amazing. We get to enjoy our ‘hidden gem’ and still have access to all the amazing shopping and dining. I love the easy living and low stress feel, the brief commutes and of course, how close we are to the mountains, the beach, the lake and college football.”

Jane Huston Crommelin, Ray & Poynor

Local favorites

The over the mountain communities are home to so many of Birmingham’s favorite spots, from restaurants to boutiques and more. Here are some of the agents at R&P’s faves:

  • Mountain Brook

    • Dyron’s

    • Otey’s

    • Heezie’s

    • Davenport’s

    • Table Matters

    • Village Sportswear

    • Amano

    • The Cook Store

  • Homewood

    • Hero Doughnuts

    • O’Henry’s

    • Edgewood Creamery

  • Vestavia

    • Cookie Fix

    • Diplomat Deli

    • The Ridge

  • Hoover

    • Santos Coffee

    • The Whole Scoop

Home trends people are loving

When it comes to the style of homes people are eyeing when browsing the over the mountain market, Jane Huston Crommelin says “simple elegance” it the way to describe it.

Some features people are looking for the most in their homes right now are outdoor living spaces, home work spaces and screened in porches. You’ll find an abundance of these in homes across Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Homewood and Hoover.

Looking to move over the mountain? Contact the agents at Ray & Poynor today to begin finding your dream home + be a part of these charming communities.

Article written by Callie Pureyear. Read article on Bham Now.com