Home staging: 4 ways it can help your home sale

Posted on August 5, 2021

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may be wondering if home staging is worth it. In our opinion, it absolutely is! The decision will ultimately be up to you and your realtor, but here’s why you should think about staging before you list:

Staging makes it easier for a buyer to picture themselves in the space.

When a potential buyer is looking at your home, you want them to feel like it could be theirs. This is where staging comes in—during the staging process, the home is depersonalized and often redecorated. Some furniture may be added, while some personal belongings and other furniture may be removed. Your realtor will advise you on this process and help you maximize the space. Professional home stagers can also come in and do everything from organizing to decluttering and more. Realtors say this makes it easier for a buyer to imagine themselves living in the home.

One note about staging to remember: don’t take suggestions from your realtor or stager personally! The goal is to create a blank slate for potential buyers, and sometimes that means removing items we love that may distract them from what your home has to offer.

Your home will stand out among the competition.

Birmingham real estate is highly competitive right now. Almost everyone begins their home search online these days, so it’s important to have high-quality photography to showcase its best features. Hiring a professional to optimize the space will make it stand out from others who have not.

You’ll also want to utilize a top-notch photographer to show your home in its best light—our realtors at Ray and Poynor arrange this for you as part of the listing process.

Your house may sell faster.

The National Association of Realtors reported that staged homes were on the market for less time than those that weren’t staged. It’s likely you’re motivated to sell your house sooner rather than later, so this is certainly a perk. Less time on the market means less time spent worrying about getting that offer!

You might get a higher offer.

Buyers agents say that clients offer one to five percent more for staged homes compared to similar ones that aren’t staged. Why? Stagers know how to design your home to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. And since your home is likely one of your largest investments, why not get a higher return if you can?

Our approach to staging

Our realtors at Ray & Poynor are experts on getting your home ready for a sale. While not every home needs to be staged by a professional staging company, it can certainly help. If desired, our realtors’ partner with expert home stagers in Birmingham to and to get your home ready for showings. Alongside your realtor, their team is highly qualified to get your home looking its best.

Professional staging does require a modest investment, but it can provide more than enough of a return to pay for itself.

Curious to learn more? Contact one of our realtors for more information.