Announcing Ray & Poynor’s Transitional Move Experts

Posted on October 4, 2021

Ray & Poynor is excited to announce a new division of our company—Transitional Move Experts. Life is full of transitions, and often these transitions come with finding a new place to call home. Our Transitional Move Experts are here to simplify what can be a complicated and sometimes overwhelming process.

But first, aren’t all moves transitions?

Yes, but certain ones require a specific skill set. If you’re in one the following stages of life, our Transitional Move Experts might be the right fit:

– Are you an empty nester with children in college, ready to exchange upkeep and maintenance for travel and leisure— and tuition bills?

– Perhaps you are ready to reduce the complications of your large family home with an eye toward the future and aging in place.

– Maybe you have a health challenge or are a caregiver who needs a higher level of support or community.

– Or, maybe you have lost a parent and are settling their estate.

These transitions, focused more on downsizing and simplification, all come with their own challenges. We are here to help.

What’s a Transitional Move Expert?

Ray & Poynor’s Transitional Move Experts are highly experienced REALTORS® with an average of 21 years in the industry. They also hold their Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

designations, which means they’ve completed advanced training in helping mature adults buy, sell, or relocate. They understand that there are not only physical aspects to a move, but emotional ones as well. Change can be exciting, but it can also be difficult— our team is here to make it as smooth as possible.

 What services do they offer & how do they simplify the process?

Transitional Move Experts are here to serve as your move concierge, assisting with every step along the way with the goal of making the process seamless from start to finish. What may seem like an overwhelming task is less intimidating when broken into manageable steps to be navigated with a personal guide.

Where will I live?

– What should I take with me?

– How will I get my things there?

– What do I do with the rest?

– What about selling my home?

If you’d like more information about how the process worksvisit our Transitional Move Experts page or contact Lacey Alford (205.937.5223) or email ([email protected]).